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Visualization of Legal Information Portal's Idea

At the recent event, Greenfield Project, we handed the certificate for a free visualization session to the most interesting project of all.

In this regard, we're starting to publish reports on the work with this project that we code-named LIP (Legal Investitsinny Portal) and with its mastermind Valentin Kisliy. This project is very complicated, because it combines interests of 4 businesses, therefore visual elaboration of ideas is critical stage: both for Valentin (as it allows to structure the goal) and for the presentation of the project to potential investors (for more clear and easy delivery of the idea) .

I won't describe the essence of the project, leaving the copyright to the author and competitive advantage on the market, but I will give you an idea on our infographic process.

So, Stage 1 took us about 8 hours of hard work with markers and paper:

  1. We broke down the function of the system
  2. We drew the schemes of actions that all types of users can take with all their capabilities
  3. We also visualized LIP's benefits in comparison with the current state of the market with legal services
  4. And finally, we combined all the elements in certain idea (which was quite complicated and took us away from the original scheme)

I want to thank Valentin: He really has a clear vision of what he wants to create — and that made our work more precise.

Further steps of ours:

  1. Reconcile each element of the scheme — they all should carry a functional sense. Valentin should feel comfortable presenting his project, using our scheme.
  2. Add market's statistics of prof services and ways to monetize
  3. When all checked we will begin our work on design and illustration.


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