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Welcome to Infographer (English version)

This blog was created with the aim to facilitate the development of Data Visualization area in Russia, that is why it is mostly in Russian language.

20090417-img_0224I am Irina Dobrova, working in Market&Consumer Researches in international FMCG company for many years, having sociological background. Some time ago I came to the conclusion that there are no professionals in Ru, who can help to extract Insights from the data with the help of design.

What I see currently — 2  completely independent professions:

Designers, working mostly for advertisement purposes and unfortunately majority of them do not know how to read research information.

Researchers, who produce hundreds of paged knowledge in tables, text and simple charts

Working together, I believe, those 2 areas can bring absolutely new level of Data understanding.

So, my objective is to promote Infography in Russia (starting almost from Zero), building on international experience and my own knowledge and skills.

As well, I am looking for the local and international partnership in my hard job!

Dear colleagues, you can contact me in case you are interested in promoting Data Visualization services in Russia.

My contacts are:

dio@infographer.ru or i.o.dobrova@gmail.com

ICQ 333 511 330

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