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Infographers at work. DensityDesign for Greenpiece

In late November Greenpiece UK has asked for help to Density Design studio to visualize its ocean project. Greenpeace has been fighting against the industrial way of fishing using sonar, because this device causes a lot of damage. The task for designers was to visualize the research data and turn it into a clear tool for communication and motivation to change .

I presenting here brief translation of the article. You can find the original article on its website — DensityDesign

Here is the process to this project:

First, the process starts with «reaching out» for the stories from client's head and processing of facts into successive visual images. Everything is involved here — research work, ability to discuss certain aspects and illustration skills.

About the scheme that the project team had: 10 page brief was presented to the client, which were studied separately, plus an additional open sources. One reads, the other one draws; he/she draws sketches (visual display of reading material).

Then, one final sketch was done and sent to the client with the following requests:

  1. to rate from 1 to 5 which elements are more important, which one are less important — for correct accents
  2. to correct the sequence of elements
  3. to make factual corrections and additions

And here it is, the schematic stage, stage where all the information is projected on piece of paper (I must say that we obtain the first client's approval on the same stage; design, details, and visual metaphors — all that comes in the end).

Next stage is to start searching for graphic solutions. A convenient angle was chosen here, so that the UK and Ghana (the main fishing pool for the UK) and the ocean between them can be seen. But then the geographical authenticity was lost in order to show more features of fishing.

And finally, after finishing with all the details, approved by the client, and with colors, it became another masterpiece made by Density Design studio:

The final work in high quality you can find on Flickr. There you can find many sketches, client's comments, and intermediate stages of the project.

Most importantly, the fact that makes designers happy is that they regularly have to update the image, removing the names of companies from the black list; this program made its impact — many fishing companies have begun to abandon such barbaric method of fish production.

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